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Waterproofing Stormwater Managment Contractor for all of Alabama

We provide: french drains, waterproofing membrane, stormwater management, floodwater mitigation, concrete drainage features, concrete safety repairs, sump pump, drainage solutions, crawl space encapsulation, and building weatherization

For: home, business, municipal, multi-family, and commercial properties. To be free from worry, water intrusion, and water damage- get Bama Waterproofing, because we’re skilled, experienced, and professional- stormwater management and waterproofing practitioners who are focused on giving tremendous value to all our very happy customers.

What we provide: simply- we keep water away from any- building or any- area where you don’t want water; any place which you want to keep dry; regardless of how many inches of rain is falling every minute.

How: we have the skills to scientifically determine what your drainage needs are, even during the worst future flash flood events, we design and install a custom solution, backed by our proven expert knowledge, experienced craftsmen, and our installation warranty, which guarantees the purchaser- free of charge- for repairs caused from defects. You’re in good hands with our company, because we stand behind our work, we earn our reputation, because we have our customer’s backs.

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  1. Stormwater Management - We: analyze, calculate, design, install, replace, and repair stormwater management solutions.
  2. Waterproofing Membrane - We: install, replace, and repair building waterproofing membrane.
  3. French Drain - We: install, replace, and repair french drains and gravel drains.
  4. Concrete Driveway and Crack Repair - We: install, replace, and repair concrete drivways, concrete patios, concrete stairs, concrete ramps, trip hazards.
  5. Crawl Space Wateproofing - We: install, replace, and repair crawl space and basement waterproofing systems.
  6. Gutter Downspout Extension - We: install, replace, and repair gutter downspout extension, gutter pipe underground drain.
  7. Basement Wateproofing - We: install, replace, and repair basement and foundation waterproofing.
  8. Swale Ramp - We: install, replace, and repair driveway swale ramps, concrete safety ramps, driveway to street transition pads.
  9. Grate Drain - We: install, replace, and repair grate drains, channel drains, floodplain drains, landscape drains, and driveway grate drains.
  10. Sump Pump - We: install, replace, repair, inspect, and maintain sump pumps.
  11. Culvert Drain Pipe - We: install, replace, and repair stormwater culverts, culvert pipe, drainage culverts.
  12. Crawl space encapsulation - We: install, replace, and repair crawl space encapsulation, moisture barrier, radon barrier.
  13. Floodwater Mitigation - We: analyze, calculate, design, install, replace, and repair floodwater management, flood mitigation solutions.
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Waterproofing Buildings

Waterproofing Basements and Crawl Spaces

Stormwater Management Videos

Flood Plain Drainage | Better than French Drain (in some cases, extreme weather events, flash flooding)

Flood Plain Drainage | Better than French Drain (in some cases, flash flood solutions)

Stormwater Drain |Rushing Stormwater Drain | Better than French Drain (especially during extreme weather events, flash floods)

Stormwater Weatherization | Stormwater Drain | Site Drainage

Stormwater Weatherization | Site Drainage Analysis | Hydrological Solutions

Flood Mitigation Video

Stormwater Runoff & Soil Compositon | Local Watershed (Visual) Analysis

Weatherization Video

Custom Repairs and Upgrades | Crawlspace Door | Gutter Downspout Extensions

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Sump Pump | Repair | Replacement | Emergency

Flash Flood Events | Sump Pump | Stormwater swale

Sump Pump | Repair | Replacement | Emergency

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Bad French Drain Removal | Grate Drain Installation | Stormwater Management | Clogged French Drain

French Drain | Gravel Drain | Soil Membrane | New French Drain Installation

French Drain | Gravel Drain | Waterproofing Installation

French Drain Pipe | Weeping Pipe | French Drain Waterproofing Installation

French Drain Pipe | Weeping Pipe | Waterproofing Installation

Gutter Downspout Video & Pictures

Gutter Downspout | Gutter In Ground | PVC Pipe Downspout Extension | Gutter Downspout Drain Installation

Gutter Downspout | Gutter In Ground | Downspout Extension | Gutter Downspout Drain Installation

Grate Drain Videos & Pictures

Grate Drain | Channel Drain | Landscape Drain Installation

Driveway Grate Drain | Channel Drain

Driveway Drain Installation | Grate Drain | Channel Drain

Driveway & Landscape Drain Installation | Grate Drain | Channel Drain

Concrete Repair Videos | Driveway Crack Repair

Trip Hazard Repair | Concrete Cracks | Concrete Patching | Concrete Crack Removal

Driveway Repair | Concrete Cracks Repair | Trip Hazard Removal

Driveway Replacement | Concrete Replacement | Trip Hazard Removal

Concrete Swale Ramp | Driveway Swale Ramp | Concrete Safety Ramp | Driveway Street Transistion Videos

Swale Ramp Replacement | Stormwater Swale Ashpalt Removal | Stormwater Swale

Stormwater Swale Repair | Trip Hazard Removal | Concrete Safety Ramp

Swale Ramp | Concrete Driveway Ramp | Stormwater and Traffic Safety Ramp | Street to Driveway Transition Pad

Culvert Pipe Installation | Roadside Drainage Repair | Culvert Pipe Replacement Videos

Culvert Pipe Repair | Roadside Drainage Culvert | Municipal Public Safety Stormwater Management

Stormwater Swale Repair | Roadside Stormwater Spillway | Underground Culvert Pipe

Culvert Installation | Stormwater Culvert | Stormwater Swale | Municipal Public Safety Repairs

Crawl Space Encapsulation | Radon Barrier | Moisture Barrier | Weatherization Videos & Pictures

Crawl space sealing | crawl space insulation | Encapsulation

Crawl space Insulation | Crawl space Encapsulation | Crawl space vent sealing

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Moisture Barrier | Radon Barrier

Crawl Space Full Encapsulation | White

Waterproofing Membrane Videos

Waterproofing Membrane Installation | Exterior Waterproofing | Waterproofing Basements

Waterproofing Membrane Installation | Waterproofing Basement Walls | Cinderblock Sealing

Waterproofing Foundation Membrane | Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

French drains are an effective drainage solution, but may only work in specific conditions; regardless of your drainage needs we will identify the most suitable, feasible options which will work; we also install: grate drains, culvert drains, stormwater spillways, storm swales, drainage culverts, culvert pipe, sump pumps, interior and exterior drywells, gutter downspout pipes, and gutter pipes underground. We also provide Concrete crack repair, Concrete Swale Ramp, Concrete Safety Ramp, Concrete Stairs, Concrete Pad, Concrete Patio, Brick Repair, Cinder Block Repair. Cinder Block Installation, Retaining Walls, Exterior Pump House- just to name a few. Still don’t see what you’re looking for just give us a call we will help. The main benefits associated with all our qualified services are detailed below.

Our Offer Includes:

  1. Fixed Price - Guaranteed fixed price quote and not a penny more.
  2. On Schedule - Guaranteed maximum project time, we may finish sooner, but not a day late.
  3. Picture Perfect - Site cleanup, we will leave it looking picture perfect.
  4. Lifetime Warranty - Satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime warranty.

Free Quote

No Unnecessary Add Ons, Flexible Options, No Strings Attached Free Quote

Aesthetic Design

Our custom solution combines: practicality, beauty, and the smallest footprint.

Project Timeline

We leverage our experience when quoting and scheduling to gurantee the work will be done right and on time.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our work, because we make the effort to do it right, our systems come with a lifetime warranty.


To schedule a free consultation


You will receive a fixed price quote, with maximum guaranteed job time.


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Sit back and relax because because we guarantee our work, for life, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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